The AI Readiness Fund_

Empowering the modern Housing Association with the AI Readiness Fund.

Amidst the rapid advancement of technology, AI stands out as a beacon for innovation and growth. Tenant communication, improving operational efficiency, compliance, removing manual taks, and maintenance management are all areas where AI can have a significant impact on the modern housing association.

Housing Associations however need to be ready to embrace this technology. This is why we have created the AI Innovation Fund.

What is the AI Readiness Fund?

We are committing £500,000* to support ambitious Housing associations, and local government organisations in making the first steps to AI readiness.

These numbers paint a picture of both trepidation and opportunity. But remember, it’s not just about the technology; it’s about understanding it. And our AI Readiness Fund is here to bridge that gap.

*Eligibilty requirements apply

What is the AI Readiness Fund? Apply today


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Unleash the power of Microsoft CoPilot_

Streamlined management of productivity tools

Microsoft 365 Copilot integrates across the most used productivity apps to enhance the way you work across Teams, Office and Outlook.

Dynamics 365 Copilot

Delivering an AI assisted copilot across Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP solutions, D365 Copilot helps you to optimise processes, deliver extended insights and improve customer interactions.

Tenant support and repairs automation

For housing associations, having the power of AI to support customer and tenant interactions in real time is a powerful tool. With full integration into critical business systems such as Dynamics 365 and maintenance scheduling tools, your organisation can streamline processes and automate tasks to free up your people to focus on delivering a high quality service to your tenants.

Tenant support through chatbots

Extending Copilot capabilities into Power Platform, you can use natural language to bring applications to life with simple prompts. Copilot can also be used to automate complex workflow and streamline processes. With Power Virtual Agents now able to build complex chat bots to manage internal and external conversations. Copilot can also be used to support tenants in arrears.

Bing Chat Enterprise

Using AI tools that are open source can lead to your organisation inadvertantly putting sensitve data at risk. Bing Chat Enterprise combines the power of AI-powered chat and your own internal data – ensuring everything is protected.

Is your data ready for AI?

Is your infrastructure, data and technology ready for it? This is what the AI Readiness Fund was designed for. It provides a process to define your Proof of Concept and assess your readiness for AI.

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What is the AI Readiness Fund?

The AI Readiness Fund is our commitment to modern housing associations to assess the readiness of Microsoft Copilot across Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure. Our fund covers Proof of Concepts, Data Readiness Assessments, and Business Value Assessments. The fund is designed to help you get the most out of your technology investment across Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP.

Organisations with up to 300 users can apply for funding to deliver their AI, Cloud Migration and Dynamics projects. The fund is designed to deliver:

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Microsoft 365

Microsoft Copilot Proof of Concept:

A clearly defined proof of concept for your housing association

Definition of AI and Copilot Use Cases:

What is actually achievable with AI in the context of your organisation

AI Business Value Assessment:

What return on investment will AI deliver your organisation

Creating a Transformation Roadmap:

How AI and Microsoft Copilot fit into your transformation roadmap

Specifically for housing associations and local government bodies

If your organisation has up to 300 users, you could be eligible for our AI Readiness Fund

What do you actually get?

Whatever route you choose you will get a clearly defined roadmap and set of recommendations to support your transformation project

What will the AI Readiness Fund unlock?

Our AI Innovation Fund is designed to support organisations looking to understand how AI fits within their housing association. At Infinity Group we partner with organsisations like yours to showcase how AI can solve the problems at the heart of your organisation. The AI Readiness Fund could unlock the following projects:

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Proof of concept_

We validate your ideas and turn them into actionable plans, helping you to understand the tangible benefits that AI can bring to your organisation.

AI Readiness Evaluation_

Are you ready for AI? We’ll help you to evaluate your readiness, ensuring your team and infrastructure are primed for this transformative leap.

Business Value Assessment_

Through strategic evaluations, we quantify the impact AI will have on your business, focusing on long-term growth and efficiency.

Bridging the innovation gap in the housing sector_

The possibilities for improving customer service levels with AI are astonishing. In the context of the housing industry, the wealth of information and data available around each property or tenant provides a truly comprehensive, interlinked experience. With AI, every aspect of the organisation can be unlocked across arrears, rents, repairs, governance, management and data collection to provide anticipatory prevention rather than a cure.

By funding up to 80% of AI and Copilot Readiness projects, we can support your business with the move to Microsoft CoPilot, and help you clearly define your long-term transformation roadmap. With the AI Readiness Fund, we are committed to supporting ambitious organisations to transform, grow and provide a seamless service to tenants.

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Clients we have helped transform the way they work_

Do you have AI Anxiety?

Today AI stands as a game-changing innovation, reshaping the business landscape. While AI’s rapid progress is a testament to human ingenuity, some feel, understandably, apprehensive.

This AI anxiety, aptly defined by the mindfulness app Calm as “anxiety caused by the rapid advance of artificial intelligence and technological change”, is a sentiment we’ve found resonated among several of our clients. You’re not alone if you’re worried about getting overshadowed in the AI revolution or feel lost amidst the complexities of embracing this transformative tool.

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AI is not the enemy_

It’s essential to recognise that AI is not the enemy; in fact, it’s the ally you’ve been waiting for, with the ability to unlock immense potential and bridge the understanding gap. Harnessing it, however, requires understanding and guidance.

AI brings a whole host of benefits, but the key to ensuring success with AI and Microsoft Copilot is to build a foundation and grow. The AI Readiness Fund is designed to support you on this journey.

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Your AI Readiness Fund questions answered_

How do I get started?

Complete the contact form to get started. Or, if you’d prefer to speak with a member of our team, you can reach out here. Our team will help you through the application process so you can get started on your AI Innovation journey,

Am I eligible for the AI Readiness Fund?

If you’re a small or medium business with the vision and courage to transform, you may well be. Apply now to find out.

Is the funding for the entire project?

The AI Readiness Fund can fund up to 80% of your project, making innovation more accessible without financially burdening you. We are confident, however, that the projects this pot will fund will save you money in the long run.

How should I decide which project to fund?

You don’t have to decide what project you’ll use it for straight away. You will work with us to determine which solutions will help your business to innovate and grow most effectively.

Why should I apply?

Applying for the AI Readiness Fund opens a gateway to innovation and growth for your business. By leveraging up to 80% funding for transformative projects, you can break free from constraints and reach new heights.

Where does funding for the AI Readiness Fund come from?

The funding for the AI Readiness Fund is drawn from Infinity Group and Microsoft. As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, we collaborate to ensure forward-thinking businesses, like yours, have the resources they need to innovate and excel. By working together, we will enhance credibility, align with technological advancements, and create a more accessible future together.

How long does it take to access the AI Readiness Fund once I apply?

Our goal is to make accessing the AI Readiness Fund a seamless and transparent experience for you. While the exact timeline may vary based on specific project needs, we’ll get started as soon as you complete the form.

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