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Microsoft Copilot update: making AI-powered productivity even more accessible_

17th Jan 2024 | 2 min read

Microsoft Copilot update: making AI-powered productivity even more accessible_

On 15th January 2024, Microsoft announced an exciting new update to the Copilot AI companion, making it more accessible for businesses.

Within the update, Microsoft announced that they would be removing the 300-seat minimum required for commercial plans, allowing smaller organisations to leverage the power of Copilot.

Our Chief Innovation Office, Tristan, talks through the announcement and what it means for small businesses in this short video. Or keep reading for the key takeaways!




Key takeaways from Microsoft’s Copilot update_

  • No minimum seat licenses for commercial Copilot plans – meaning you only need one person to get started!
  • Pricing is from £27.40 per month. per user with an annual license.
  • Copilot is now accessible through Office 365 E3 and E5, as well as Microsoft 365 licenses.
  • By leveraging Copilot, you can save time through faster summaries, data analysis and text generation.
  • More people will be able to benefit from Copilot with it embedded across Microsoft applications – including Excel, PowerPoint and Teams.
  • Copilot also has secure access to all of your organisational data for greater contextual awareness and accuracy.


Preparing your business for Microsoft Copilot_

Has the latest Microsoft Copilot update got you thinking about it could revolutionise your business?

If you’re ready to delve into AI, we recommend identifying some use cases to uncover how it could most benefit your operations. Stick with just a few seats at first and offer them to those who are most likely to utilise Copilot and get value from it. Once you’re more comfortable and have identified the clear value of Copilot, you can roll it out to the rest of your team.

Our AI Readiness Assessment workshop will help you prepare for Copilot. We’ll work with you to identify the best use cases and ensure an effective roll-out across your organisation. We’ll also make sure your AI is deployed in a secure way that offers maximum productivity.

Find out more about our AI Readiness Assessment here.

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