The Infinity Group story: a trip down memory lane_

7th Aug 2023 | 4 min read

The Infinity Group story: a trip down memory lane_

The Infinity Group brand has undergone several changes over the years, the most notable development being our new brand, which we launched back in May. We thought we’d take this opportunity to reflect on what makes Infinity Group the business it is today and share the journey that has got us to the point of levelling up our business.


How it all began_

The company was established in 2001 by CEO, Rob Young. The inspiration to set up Infinity Group was to provide comprehensive technology solutions to help in the strategic growth of businesses and to also offer managed IT service packages, for the streamlining of IT processes. We’ve worked with Microsoft technologies since our inception, and after being officially recognised as a Microsoft Partner in 2007 our business has adapted to the latest solutions, technologies and applications Microsoft has to offer.


A view of our history as a business_



What makes us who we are?

Our People.

Our greatest asset is our amazing team. We do everything we can to make sure that every employee is happy and engaged at every level. There are a variety of wellbeing, perks and incentives to empower all individuals within the organisation.

Take a look at these below:

Modelling the science behind what motivates people from Dan Pink’s Book ‘Drive’, we have focused on incorporating Purpose, Autonomy and Mastery in all that we do.

People engagement is the number one KPI for us as a business. Using OfficeVibe, an intuitive platform, we are able to send out regular surveys among staff to gather feedback, for the enhancement of the overall employee experience. It generates eNPS scoring, which helps us make adjustments for any needed improvements, to improve employee engagement and satisfaction.

The Infinity Group core values_

As an organisation, our people are what makes Infinity Group who we are, and this drives our culture. Our culture is driven by our core values. We are shaped by these principles that create a cohesive work environment.


We value kindness, compassion and working together to create a supportive, inclusive atmosphere.


Using creativity to drive innovation and sustainability.


We have a thirst for learning and a pursuit of mastery.


Celebrating diversity and inclusivity.


We take pride in making others look great.


Innovation is at the heart of what we do_

Infinity Group has over the years deployed advanced technologies to facilitate customers in solving complex business challenges. This innovation has been driven by our Innovation Lab, led by our Chief Innovation Officer, Tristan Shortland. This dedicated team produces innovative products to help our customers solve business challenges using AI and other Microsoft technologies, applications and tools.

The groundbreaking product introduced by the company is Secure Core, which is our flagship security product combining Microsoft consultancy and a managed service to bring you all the features of the Microsoft 365 Business and Enterprise Licenses.


Our other flagship areas of innovation include:

· Business Applications for both CRM and ERP Consultancy and low code development through Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform tooling.

· Modern Work and Security Consultancy using Microsoft’s modern productivity and security tooling.

· Infrastructure and Data Management using Microsoft Azure.

· Managed Services for Infrastructure, Modern Work, Security and Business Applications.


Social footprint_

We are involved in supporting a number of charities throughout the South East and beyond, and also encourage our people to as well. Each of our teams have a number of volunteering days and are constantly looking to make a difference in the community.

· Heart of Kent Hospice

· Nourish Community Foodbank

· Trinity Theatre

· Tree of Hope

· Royal Tunbridge Wells Together


A bright future ahead_

The tech scene is undergoing rapid developments with generative AI tools gaining popularity. As a business, it is our aim to provide our clients with the latest technologies to help them gain a competitive edge in their respective markets.

We are excited about CoPilot and the impact it will have on the other Microsoft platforms we use. As one of the latest intelligent AI tools that have recently been introduced by Microsoft, we look forward to combining it with our suite of products and services to offer value and drive innovation for ambitious organisations.

Infinity Group has quickly evolved into one of Microsoft largest independent partners in the UK. As we continue to grow and expand, we are looking for incredible talent to join our team at Infinity Group. You can find our latest vacancies here or speak with our career team.

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