Microsoft Dynamics 365

Common Data Service (CDS)_

What is the Common Data Service (CDS)?

The Common Data Service (CDS), formerly known as Common Data Service for Apps, is the heart of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. Think of it as a centrally governed and secure database that acts as the single source of truth for your business data.


What does the Common Data Service (CDS) do?

  • Stores core business data: CDS houses core entities like accounts, contacts, opportunities, and activities, used by various Dynamics 365 applications like Dynamics 365 Sales and Customer Service.
  • Facilitates data unification: It eliminates data silos by providing a unified platform for storing and managing data from different Dynamics 365 apps and custom solutions.
  • Enables seamless integration: CDS acts as a bridge between Dynamics 365 apps and external systems, facilitating data exchange and streamlining workflows.
  • Offers customisation flexibility: You can build custom entities and fields specific to your business needs, expanding the data landscape beyond pre-built entities.
  • Powers low-code development: With Power Apps and Power Automate, users can leverage CDS data to build custom applications and automate processes even without extensive coding experience.


The core benefits of a Common Data Service (CDS)_

  • Improved data consistency: Standardised data definitions and a single source of truth ensure accuracy and reduce data redundancy.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency: Streamlined data flow enables faster insights, better decision-making, and automated processes.
  • Cost-effective development: Building custom solutions on CDS can be quicker and more economical than traditional coding projects.
  • Increased adaptability: The flexible data model allows you to adjust your data structure as your business evolves.


Things to remember with a Common Data Service_

  • CDS offers different deployment options: online, on-premises, and managed on-premises.
  • Data security is a priority, with access controlled through granular role-based permissions.
  • While pre-built entities exist, customisation is key to cater to specific business needs.


A Common Data Service serves as the foundation for a unified and agile data management approach within Dynamics 365. It empowers businesses to streamline operations, gain deeper insights, and build custom solutions to fit their unique needs.

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