27th Nov 2023

5 reasons to switch from G Suite to Microsoft 365

5 reasons to switch from G Suite to Microsoft 365

In the era of remote and hybrid working, productivity suite applications have become increasingly popular amongst businesses. Companies have invested in these to enhance efficiency amongst their staff as they work in remote and hybrid environments. Productivity suite applications facilitate project management, collaboration and teamwork.

As far as these applications go, there are two main industry players, namely G Suite and Microsoft 365. These are both SaaS (software as a service) platforms with distinct functionalities. In this blog, we will outline the benefits of choosing Microsoft 365 over G Suite.

What is G Suite?

Previously known as Google Apps, G Suite is a combination of software created by Google for business. It comprises of a suite of applications such as Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Forms and Calendar.

Users are given access to features such as online storage, email messaging, shared calendars and video meetings. G Suite provides small businesses with the necessary tools to operate.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a Modern Workplace solution that gives your business integrated access to Outlook, Word, Excel, OneDrive, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and many more.

The agile features of the application ensure that remote and hybrid working needs of companies are catered to. Its components are integrated to promote ease of use and efficiency. By signing up to Microsoft 365, your employees will easily be able to access files, communicate and collaborate from any location.

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Why Migrate from G Suite to Microsoft 365?

There are various benefits of migrating to Microsoft 365 from G Suite. The former has innovative and enhanced security features to improve the cloud functions of your business.

This comprehensive solution also places your organisation above industry players while giving you a competitive edge, through its productivity and storage features.

Here are 5 top reasons why you should consider migrating to Microsoft 365 from G Suite:    

1. Convenience 

Microsoft 365 is made up of applications with cloud abilities which function even when offline. This provides ease of access and the convenience to work from any location, thereby enhancing flexible and remote environments. It also allows you to access and store files anywhere.

Apps such as Teams, PowerPoint, Excel, Word and SharePoint operate in an inter-connected manner to assist with user experience and end-to-end interactions, on and offline. This will in turn ensure productivity despite location barriers that may exist across teams in the modern workplace structure. Microsoft 365 is also reliable and secure to use regardless of the type of business or service category.

Recovery features are also available in the event of any mishaps or disasters. Data and files stored within the cloud are backed up on a regular basis for business continuity. Sensitive information kept on company or personal devices that may get damaged or stolen, are securely saved on the cloud for emergency backups when needed.

The convenience Microsoft 365 offers your modern workplace is unmatched as compared to G Suite. Migrate from G Suite to Microsoft 365 now for flexibility and improved productivity across all business departments and teams.

2. Business Focused

According to a recent report, Microsoft Outlook is used by about 85% of Fortune 500 companies. The email platform is used to send and receive emails across the board. Features such as calendar appointments, task management, note-taking and filing have made Outlook the preferred choice among businesses.

Through its seamless integration, Microsoft 365 allows business owners to perform all their related tasks conveniently. In addition, it offers packages such as data storage and sharing options which are also key to success for teams worldwide. G Suite on the other hand, does not offer this advantage due to the limited integration within its software. It is not programmed to allow for easy inter-departmental collaboration in an organisation. As such Microsoft 365 is the go-to software for evolving businesses adopting productivity tools for improved output and results.

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3. Enhanced Inter-connectivity and ecosystem

The Microsoft ecosystem comprises of powerful business applications that function together seamlessly. Examples include SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive for Business. These programs are all interconnected to promote collaboration and synchronisation while using them. Therefore, facilitating the communication and cohesion among dynamic workforces.

In addition, it allows for both mobile and desktop applications to sync easily for work to be done fast and on-the-go. Microsoft 365 also enables users to share documents, mailboxes and calendars in real time, which G Suite is deficient in. Although G Suite has sharing abilities, it does not have as large a capacity as Microsoft 365, to improve team collaboration and communication.

4. Advanced Security Protection

Concerns surrounding cyber security are growing due to the changing developments on the technology front. As such Microsoft 365 is accompanied with security features to ensure maximum user protection. It is governed by standards such as the ISO 27001, which are international standards that govern Information Security worldwide.

Its robust defence measures prevent cyber threats such as hacking, shadow IT, breaches, ransomware and phishing to devices and IT systems.   The rollout of the latest Microsoft 365 features always requires the appropriate licensing and configuration options to enable full functionality.

Additionally, it offers programs such as Microsoft Defender to protect the sensitive data and information of your business. DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attack prevention and multi-factor authentication offer an added layer of protection for increased security. You will have the peace of mind to operate without any extra concerns for online safety.

Conversely, the parameters of G Suite have limited security features and as a result your work documents will not receive the maximum protection. It is pertinent to protect your IT infrastructure from the prevalent attacks that exist within the changing web scene; this is why you should contact our knowledgeable team to help you switch from G Suite to Microsoft 365.

5. Familiarity

The applications within Microsoft 365 such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint are familiar and easy to use. As a result, internal and external processes are made seamless and efficient.

Furthermore, the programs are integrated and available on the cloud and offline. Outlook tasks such as setting up calendar appointments can be done offline and sent once you get back online.

G Suite’s range of applications however are not as familiar to users as the Microsoft 365 package. It is therefore of benefit to you to switch from the former so that you can gain access to enhanced AI features across programs such as Teams, SharePoint and Outlook.

No matter the size and requirements of your business, Microsoft 365’s tools and features are tailored to meet the unique specifications needed. The scale of features the application offers are unrivalled and set to improve upon all areas of productivity.

Leverage your business by migrating to Microsoft 365 today. If you are interested in migrating from G Suite to Microsoft 365, our expert consultants are on hand to provide advice and support. 

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