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A glimpse into what’s new for Microsoft Teams

21st Feb 2022 | 5 min read

A glimpse into what’s new for Microsoft Teams

In the dynamic technological scene that exists today, there are several changes that are constantly taking place.  As such technology giants such as Microsoft are frequently improving features and updates for the enhancement of software. In this blog, we will be taking a glance into the recent Microsoft Teams updates.

Outlined below are the recent developments which will benefit all aspects of your business operations. The new updates will ensure that you have a first class experience while navigating through the software. It is also important to note that Teams is part of Microsoft 365’s modern workplace pillar that supports businesses nowadays to function optimally.

Mute Meeting Function

Users now have the option of muting any noise in the background during calls. This is to allow for the pristine flow of sound whilst important meetings are going on.

Useful shortcut for unmuting: Ctrl+Space keys (Windows)/Option+Space keys (macOS), then release the keys to go back again to mute.

As this feature is on by default, you can disable by going to Teams Settings > Privacy section, then and uncheck Keyboard shortcut to unmute.

Custom web background

Web users now have access to custom backgrounds on their desktop to select from. You can also choose any of the pre-loaded backgrounds on the software for customisations during meetings. The blur alternative is also available for those who opt for it.

Music mode for Teams

Microsoft Teams users have access to high fidelity music for a rich sound experience when sharing non-speech content, e.g. songs through other applications, live music and medical signals during virtual physician appointments. This high-fidelity music mode is to improve the audio quality during calls. Microphone signals and audio played when sharing applications are also included in the optimised experience.

Teams Music Mode | Infinity Group

Mirrored video function

The enhanced features include a function to mirror your video during meetings. With this, you can view text correctly whilst presenting, as well as your audience. This can be enabled by adjusting settings and selecting ‘Mirror my video’. This option is particularly useful for users such as teachers who share their boards during online lessons, or for individuals who use virtual backgrounds with text. The ‘un-mirror’ video option eliminates distractions by syncing what everyone can see.

Isolated audio feed capabilities

Microsoft Teams users are now able to create a clean audio mix through the isolated audio feed option. The Network Device Interface (NDI) or hardware-out allows broadcasters to capture isolated audio feed together with the isolated feed from meetings. This grants full control of both feeds going into their studio. This selection can be enabled via the meetings settings and is available as a public preview.

Teams Room Improvements

There have also been some enhancements made for meeting rooms to improve upon the user experience during meetings.

Front row layout

The front row preview is a new layout for Teams Rooms on Windows. This feature enhances hybrid meetings, whilst giving in-room participants more context on what is going on across different aspects of the meeting. In addition, remote attendees can be seen at eye level; raised hands and chats are also brought to the front of the screen.

The option which can be set as the default layout or turned off altogether by device admins, is available in the layout chooser experience on the Teams Rooms console. Front row is also accessible for all Teams Rooms on Windows, single and dual display modes, and across all display sizes.

Multiple video cameras

Teams users can use more than one video camera, during meetings. Room participants can toggle between cameras by selecting from the list available.

If there’s a device without multiple USB cameras set up with Teams Rooms devices in the conference rooms, there will be no difference in experience. In addition, admins can select a default camera from the device settings when starting a call.

AAD conditional access support for Teams Rooms

Azure Active Directory (AAD) access support is available for Windows users in Teams Rooms. Identity-driven signals can be used to control access during meetings when on windows-based devices. This also includes access to Microsoft Exchange online services.

Cortana updates on Windows

There have also been enhanced Cortana updates for Windows users. The mic icon has been replaced with the Cortana avatar to improve the user experience. The Cortana Voice Activation is defaulted for all new device installations. There is also the option to disable the feature if desired.

Cortana Teams | Infinity Group

Multiple Cortana languages

The “Hey Cortana” command can now be used when joining meetings or for the activation of other commands during Teams meetings.

Microsoft Teams Phone updates

The integrated phone feature within Microsoft Teams has also undergone some improvements to boost the overall experience during calls. We have outlined them below:

Transcription for 1:1 Calls

The option to transcribe one-to-one calls on Teams has been made available. It can be enabled via the control bar within the Call window.

1:1 VoIP and PSTN Call Recordings and Transcriptions Available in Call History

Transcriptions and call recordings placed via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) can be retrieved from the call history. This provides the convenience of tracking, recording and retrieving transcriptions details from past calls.

How We can help You

With the regular upgrades within the Microsoft Teams stratosphere, your business can make use of these developments to streamline operations for increased output. At Infinity, our experienced IT support desk are on hand to guide you through required updates and how they can benefit your business.

Feel free to get in touch with us today to stay abreast with all the latest Microsoft Teams updates to optimise your user experience

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