Microsoft recently announced the launch of a public preview of Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for Android. The new antivirus security solution comes just a year after Microsoft entered the security market, with their Defender ATP for Mac. Since then, they’ve made it their mission to, “build security solutions from Microsoft, not just for Microsoft.”. They have plans to extend their security services beyond Mac, Linux, Windows and Android, to start covering IOS later this year. Further announcements about additional Android capabilities are expected in the coming months.

What does Microsoft Defender ATP for Android do?  

Employees are increasingly using their phones to stay in touch, check email and access company data. Whether that’s a work device they use or if your business has a BYOD policy it may be a personal device used for work purposes. Whatever the device, this presents a unique and fast-growing security problem due to the increased vulnerability of phishing attacks on mobiles. Phishing is when a malicious entity poses as a trusted app, site, individual or game and steals a user’s data and it is particularly hard to spot on mobiles.

How does Microsoft Defender ATP for Android work?

Microsoft Defender ATP for Android provides an end to end, fully integrated, protective capability for mobiles and keeps you protected from Phishing and Malware. Microsoft are now leveraging their unparalleled visibility into the threat landscape and the expertise they have gained in signal, intelligence and security. They are taking an integrated, holistic approach to tackle phishing, dangerous downloads and rooted device privileges.

Protection from Phishing and Malware:

Defender ATP | Infinity Staff

Web protection capabilities limit access to risky domains and URLs as well as blocking unsafe sites access through SMS, WhatsApp, email, browsers and other apps. The service is the same as the Window’s SmartScreen services meaning that a decision to block a site will be applied across all devices in the enterprise, at once.

Custom indicators:

Defender ATP | Infinity Staff

New custom indicators instantly notify users if pages, apps and links are safe and if they are not, they are blocked from opening them.

Proactive scanning of malicious entities:

Defender ATP | Infinity Staff

Anything that users download to their device will be scanned and any malicious malware and apps will be detected. Microsoft will use its investments in cloud-powered protection and intelligence on app reputation to detect threats rapidly.

Integration and Unity:

Defender ATP | Infinity Staff

The high level of integration with Microsoft’s other security services, Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Conditional Access means that any compromised mobile device can be quickly blocked from accessing corporate resources, keeping the whole company safe. All of the alerts and additional context is viewable through the Microsoft Defender Security Centre, keeping all the necessary information in one centralised view for all Windows, Mac, Linux and now, mobile devices.

How to use Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection for Android?  

The app for android is currently available only to Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection clients and not to the general public. To start using the app on android, clients will need to turn on beta preview functionality in the Microsoft Defender Security Centre and download the Intune Company Portal app from the Google Play store. You can also setup a free trial of Microsoft Defender ATP.

If you are keen to implement Microsoft Defender ATP for Android, please get in touch.

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