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The business benefits of Unified Communications


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What exactly is UCC and why implement it?

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) combines multiple forms of communications, like Voice, video, data services, and software applications into one single environment. This improves business processes and productivity making it easier for employees to connect with each other and collaborate.

What do UCC components in the workplace consist of?

  • Instant messaging such as Skype for Business or Yammer
  • Presence – knowing if a contact is free or busy eg. using the Mitel Phone Manager
  • Unified messaging– the ability to retrieve all your messages from one central location
  • Conferencing applications– to connect larger groups and allow them to share information and ideas eg. Skype for Business
  • Teamwork applications– to coordinate work on group projects eg. Microsoft Planner 
  • Video conferencing– on your PC, mobile device eg. Mitel MiVoice 250
  • Mobile applications– extending UCC to smartphones and tablets

Imagine how much more you could accomplish if your employees had 12 more hours of productivity a month? One study by the network integration company Nexus showed more than a 60 percent of firms using UCC report saving three hours a week per mobile worker.

What are the business benefits of UCC?

1: Boost productivity

Unified Communications enables real-time presence across your company, giving employees instant insight into their colleagues availability to connect via voice, IM or video. Businesses can save time and money by implementing effective unified communications. For example; ensuring employees reach colleagues on the first try, switching between methods of communication to improve information exchange (e.g. turning a chat session into a multi-party conference call or video conference with a few mouse clicks), reducing expenses and employee downtime due to travel time, and extending office applications to mobile workers and giving employees more flexibility to work from any location.

2: Accommodate communication preferences

Adopting a complete unified communications snd collaboration strategy lets your employees communicate the way they prefer by eliminating the need to use a specific device or be in a specific location.

It’s not just the channels that matter though, it’s the devices too, which is why a BYOD policy typically forms part of the overall unified communications approach. A mobile-first, any-device strategy for business communications can greatly improve user adoption to maximises overall productivity in the workplace.

3: Connect remote employees

Businesses can use Unified Communications to make it easier for employees in multiple locations to collaborate on projects. Unified communications teamwork components are key to enabling real-time teamwork even when in-person interactions are not feasible for example – field sales representatives.

Infinity Group are Mitel, Panasonic and Microsoft Gold Partners and provide the complete Unified Communications solution for a wide range of SMEs and enterprise level businesses across the UK. To discuss your Business Communication needs in more detail please get in touch.




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