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What is Dependency Tracking in Dynamics 365?

Within Dynamics 365, dependency tracking refers to the automated process of identifying and managing relationships between different components within your system. These components can include entities, fields, workflows, plugins, customisations, and more. Dependency tracking helps ensure the stability and integrity of your system by preventing unintended modifications that could disrupt functionality.


There are two primary types of dependencies in Dynamics 365:

1. Internal dependencies: These are pre-defined relationships established by the system itself. For example, a field cannot be deleted if it’s used in a workflow. These dependencies are automatically managed and cannot be altered by users.

2. Published dependencies: These are created when you explicitly link two components together. Publishing a solution, for instance, establishes dependencies between all its included components. Modifying or deleting one component might then impact others that depend on it.


Dependency tracking offers several benefits in Dynamics 365_

  • Reduces risk of accidental errors: By highlighting dependencies, the system warns users before making changes that could break functionality.
  • Facilitates efficient development and maintenance: Understanding dependencies makes it easier to plan upgrades, apply patches, and implement customisations without unexpected problems.
  • Improves system transparency: Clear visibility of dependencies aids in troubleshooting issues and understanding how different parts of the system interact.


Several tools and features within Dynamics 365 support dependency tracking_

  • Solution Explorer: This tool displays dependencies within managed solutions, indicating which components rely on others.
  • “Show Dependencies” option: Available for various customisable elements, this feature reveals dependent components directly within the user interface.
  • Power Platform Dependency Viewer: This advanced tool offers a comprehensive view of dependencies across your entire Dynamics 365 environment.


By effectively utilising dependency tracking, you can manage your Dynamics 365 system with greater confidence, minimising disruptions and ensuring optimal performance.

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